Interior Prep for Arrival

Are you expecting a visit from Fridholm Painting soon? Make sure you read over our list of what to do in preparation for our arrival.

  1. Please designate a bathroom that the crew can use.
  2. Please let us know if there is a utility sink or other area in which the crew can wash their brushes.
  3. Let us know if there is a microwave available for use.
  4. Remove all wall hangings, pictures, etc. before our arrival.
  5. Let us know where the crew can leave their equipment overnight.
  6. If you plan to rehang any pictures, please leave the nails/hook in place. If you do not want to rehang it, please remove them. We usually will fill in visible nail holes.
  7. Please remove all walls, trim/molding for previous painter imperfections prior to our arrival; we will notify you of any observations we make; this stops any confusion and blame placed on us for pre-existing imperfections.
  8. Let us know if there are any precautions we need to make in regard to your pets.
  9. Our crew will not play loud, disruptive music; they may have a radio on but it will be at an acceptable volume.
  10. If we experience a miscue with our crew, we will assess the situation with you and take immediate action to correct the situation.
  11. Please let us know where the best location is for our crew vehicles.
  12. We will pick up a deposit of 25-50% of the estimated project billing on the day we arrive. Deposit percentages depend upon project scope and size.
  13. Email us with any choices you make regarding color choices; name and color number are very helpful.
  14. Our crew work times vary slightly from crew to crew but we generally work between 8-5 p.m.
  15. We accept cash, check, credit card, and Bitcoin currency.