2018 Color Trends - Fridholm Painting

2018 calls for some new and interesting color trends for interior and exterior spaces. This year’s Pantone color of the year is Ultra Violet, but what about the rest of the new colors? Each year the various paint manufacturer’s release new, innovative color palettes to freshen up your home.

Start out edgy.

The trends this year start out edgy. Black is a key player, coming in various shades and tones for those who want to think outside the box. PPG paints has chosen Black Flame as it’s color this year, and it’s a beautiful mix of dark purple and black tones. It is an elegant color that can be used in virtually any space. If you aren’t ready to go for the full black but like the effect, try Benjamin Moore Blackberry.

Playful berry.

Another trend we are seeing a lot of is berry. Whether dark or light, these colors are playful and can add romance to your space. Benjamin Moore Caponata is a beautiful deep plum color, while Caliente (their Color of the Year) is a fiery red that reminds you of being somewhere exotic. Both colors would be great for a full room or an accent wall!

Bold blues.

Bold blues are set to take over this year as well. Colors like Benjamin Moore Mosiac and Starry Night are definitely colors that will brighten up any space if you are looking for something with a lot of pop. Not ready to paint a whole room with a color quite so bold? These are excellent colors for accents as well. Sherwin Williams Oceanside is another bold choice for those wanting to bring some bright blues into their home, and is also their Color of the Year!

Muted tones.

If none of these colors are really your style, there are plenty of others out there! Caliente has a fabulous color palette that accompanies it. These tones are more muted but equally as beautiful. Soft pinks and grays dominate this palette, along with some muted greens and even a goldenrod tone. Sherwin Williams has three new color palettes out- Connectivity, Unity, and Sincerity. These three palettes incorporate everything from a bright artistic pink to soothing neutral Sashay Sand.

Neutral Palettes

And of course, yellows, green-blues, neutrals, and grays are still having their moment. Benjamin Moore Showtime and Yellow Finch are both yellows that will take your walls from boring to bold while still not being overwhelming. Broken Arrow and Driftscape Tan (Benjamin Moore) are beautiful neutrals to try out this year. Delgray Ray and Soho Loft (Benjamin Moore) are fabulous twists on the gray trend that is continuing this year. The depth of color in these shades is fantastic for when your space needs a touch of a cooler tone! Fort Pierce Green and Bocan Raton Blue ( Benjamin Moore) are colors that exude a beachy feel. These colors are fantastic for airy porches, bathrooms, and even accent walls. They meld beautifully with the neutral palettes and are extremely versatile. Festoon Aqua by Sherwin Williams is a more muted take on this trend.

The best thing about color is that you can change it as many times as you want, so don’t be afraid to try something new!