Chalkboard and Dry Erase Finish - Fridholm Painting

With all the innovations in art and technology, it’s not surprising that specialty finishes are in high demand in the interior painting world.

Dry Erase Paint

One of these finishes is dry erase paint. That’s right, it’s a coating that you can use to turn practically any surface into a dry erase board. Sherwin Williams carries a product called Sketchpad, and it comes in a clear gloss coating, perfect for writing on. Benjamin Moore also carries a product called Noteable. It is available in white and clear gloss, so you can use it with basically any pre-existing paint color. So, whether you want the classic white, or you want some a little different, this product is easy to customize. It comes in three kit sizes (50, 100, 200 sq. feet), and can be applied to painted walls, wood, glass, metal, and laminate. It can be used practically anywhere! From the corner office to the home office, you can fully customize the space you use.


Another high demand finish is chalkboard. Chalkboard paint is a fast-drying coating that comes in an eggshell or matte finish. When dry, it looks, feels, and writes just like a regular chalkboard. The possibilities with this are endless. Think about having a wall for your kids to draw all over that you can just erase away? It provides hours of endless fun without the mess of markers and paints. Another great way to utilize chalkboard paint is in the kitchen/entry. It’s a great place to leave messages, make lists, and remember important dates and appointments. You can even frame it out to make it seem like you hung up a real chalkboard! It can also be customized color wise, so you’re not limited to the basic black or traditional chalkboards.

If you are looking for something unconventional, there are a few companies out there that make a glitter wall paint, or a glitter additive. With the additive you can transform virtually any paint, creating a sparkling focal point in your space. Another one on the market that is similar is metallic! Metallic everything is definitely still on trend, and you can use it to paint accent furniture, trim, even an accent wall if you are really adventurous!

Whatever you are looking for to change up your space, you have lots of options that will definitely let your creative side shine through!