Frequently Asked Questions

Will you stay on the job once you start?

A specific crew will be assigned to you and will remain on site until work is completed. Inclement weather for an exterior job is an exception to this.

What kind of paint do you use?

We use high-quality paints on all our jobs, such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, but we are always open to client preferences.

Do you have references?

We would be glad to provide a list of references at your request. In the meantime, please see our testimonial's page. In addition, you can always directly visit the Better Business Bureau (A+ rating), Angie's List (A rating) or Google, 91 reviews (4.8 rating.)

Can I match my current paint?

Yes, we can come up with a near perfect match. There are a number of ways to do this including matching a paint chip or a small piece of drywall. We also use the NIX color match tool which can be used to match colors on more than just walls!

What should I expect during the estimate?

You have a vision for your project; from a perception of how surfaces should be prepared, to how a team of painters should conduct themselves, to the finished product. It is our job to clarify your priorities and address any questions that you have.

Why is there such a large difference in price from one painter to the next?

There is no simple answer to this question. There is a range of contractors competing for your business; from "the man with the van" who recently lost his job, kind of knows how to paint and needs money; to the established, dependable company with a proven track record that employees skilled talent and uses the best equipment. All this, when done properly, costs money.

If the lowest price is your objective, "the man with the van" will always win. What we have learned from the majority of our customers is that dependability and a proven track record are worth paying a bit more for.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have both Liability and Worker's Compensation coverage. We can provide proof of documentation as needed.

Do you provide a warranty?

From time to time, we recognize an issue may arise due to either weather conditions, our workmanship, or possibly a hidden structural issue. Either way, we stand by our work. Your satisfaction is a priority for us. We offer a one-year limited warranty to all our clients, both exterior and interior projects.

Ok, I've decided to hire you as my contractor. What happens next?

The next step is to clarify a few project details; scheduling preferences, finalizing paint colors and sheens, along with payment terms.

In order to prepare for our arrival, we have a detailed list of steps for you to review under Exterior Prep and Interior Prep.

How will my personal property be protected?

For interior projects, prior to any work being initiated, we will protect all your flooring surfaces. In addition, kitchen cabinets, countertops, furniture, and all personal possessions will be covered with plastic to protect from dust and paint. We have a proven track record of protection and cleanliness that you can count on.

For exterior projects, we will protect your driveway, walkways, porch/decks, air conditioning units, and generators. We also will be mindful of flowers, trees, and shrubs that may be in the work area.

What happens if I want to change or add something while the crew is already working at my house?

It is quite common to modify or add to a project scope. We understand how preferences can change during the course of the project; maybe the color isn't quite right, or maybe now that you've painted a few areas, the adjacent rooms look dingy and you'd like them refreshed too. We call this a "change order". We ask that you communicate your preferences to the team supervisor. We will reassess the project scope and will do our best to accommodate your changes right away!

When do I pay you?

Depending on the project size, the deposit amount request varies. We usually request a minimum of 25% and this can be up to 50% on the day that we arrive to start the project. An upfront deposit of five to ten percent may be requested if a specific date is needed.

Can I leave my house while the painting crew works?

Absolutely. When possible we prefer to have one of the homeowners available when we arrive to answer any specific questions that might arise. Otherwise, we encourage our client to continue with their normal routine; to come and go as they please. We also understand that some folks may not be comfortable leaving the painters in their home unattended. In this case, we will work with you to coordinate a date that works best for you to be home.

As a side note, the average tenure of our labor employees is seven and a half years. You can feel safe with any of our employees working in your personal space. We invite you to refer to the many testimonials written about us addressing this very topic on the Testimonials page.

Can you help with other things besides painting?

Yes.You may rely on us to provide you with names of other reputable contractors, such as interior designers, electricians, flooring contractors or plumbers, etc., if you find yourself in need of one of these services. We are happy to pass on the names of the companies that are dependable, professional and that communicate.

If you don't see your question listed in the FAQ above, we invite you to use the form to submit your question.

We look forward to hearing from you.